First Flight Hang Gliding

We got you covered!

Take a load off and breathe in. Yet fair enough, it is the most asked question. Is it safe? Will I get hurt? Am I going to die? Yes. No. Not with BumbleBee. Remember, you’re strapped in with one of us, and we love life! Best insurance policy ever.

Hang Glider and Paraglider pilots in Switzerland have to go through the toughest process to get certified than anywhere else in the world. We are the best in the business.

You’re insured! 5million Francs per person. Sign our simple pilot form, and we have you covered.

Flight time and
Take off sites

BumbleBee has access to a few take off sites that vary in height, 1060mtr (3478ft) 1300mtr(4265ft) 1585mtr(5200ft) which site we use depends on wind directions and safety – not always higher is better, depending on “finding the good lift”. That is what free flight is all about.

No flight is the same and flight patterns and times vary. Some days you’re the king of the sky and then others you’re the pauper. One thing is for sure, we do not go through all the trouble just to fly down! We love flying and we will do our best to keep you free and where you want to bee.


Once you have Booked Online, By Email or Phone we then pick you up at the set meeting point. After that we have you under our wing.

1. Pick Up

The Bees will happily pick you up at your hotel or city center.

2. Ready for Flight

We set up the gliders while you enjoy the views, you can even help.

3. Landing.
Phew, we made it!

Watchers can wait in the landing field to see you landing!

Lets cover the most asked questions.

Earlier the better. But if you’re a live for the moment kind of person, we usually make last minute bookings work.
Weight limit is 90 kg/200 lbs. Please contact us directly if you exceed this limit yet feel you are super fit.
Online Booking is safe and secure. If you are booking by Phone or Email you can pay after the flight.
Online Booking has options to choose from. If over the Phone or Email we will make sure to use a location in the Interlaken area.
Position and Speed. Flat and Fast. It is truly more dynamic and more like you dream to be flying on a Hang Glider. For sure, it is the one.

Mostly because it is better! It takes more time to set up/break down the glider. Once you go through these troubles, the flying experience is worth it.

All Adventure Sports have inherited risks. We fly everyday and have a strong command of knowledge on weather conditions. Our team allows enough time to make the right decisions for our passengers and personal safety. If it is not safe to fly, then we pack the Glider away to fly another day.
If you have your own Action Camera we will loan you a mount to get the rear view “birds eye” shot. Personal Phones or small cameras can be brought to photo the launch area. Once ready to fly we secure the device in a safe pocket as it is not allowed during flight for safety reasons.

Much Love

All of our reviews are grassroots by true customers that speak volumes about who we are.

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Hang Gliding

What’s expect?

2h hang gliding fly with #1
on Matten Bei Interlaken


CHF 230.00